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general characteristics

LLP "Lenger Medical College" Meіr-Beys "was founded in December 2011.

September 7, 2018 in connection with the renaming of the name field with the South Kazakhstan Turkestan was changed to the Charter to change address locate on the college Turkestan region, Tolebi, Lenger city, Konaev street №2.

11.02.2019 has been changed in the Articles of Association due to the change of the name of the legal entity with the LLP "Lenger Medical College" Meіr-Beis "on LLP" College Meir-Beys ".

On the basis of the letter of the Ministry of Health ref №: 06-1-11 / 2049-I dated: 22.04.2019 year of college, "Meir-Beys" given the status of "Extra" College, in connection with which changes were made to the Charter of the name of a legal entity LLP "College Meir-Beys" in the Company "Higher College" Meіr-Beys "Mission: TOO" Higher College "Meіr-Beys": - training of highly specialized nurses for the health system of Kazakhstan and Turkestan, based on the quality of continuing professional development education, providing each trained yuschemusya possibility of increasing the level of competences and qualifications, development of information and communication technologies for further professional, career and personal growth

Address:. 161100, Turkestan, Tolebi district, Lenger, ul.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The founders of the Medical College Lenger "Meіr-Beys" are:

  1. Emtaeva Beisekul;
  2. Zhankal Amankul Meirkhankyzy;
  3. Meirkhanov Daulet Talgarbekovich;
  4. Zhankalova Rahima Meirkhanovna.

 Qualifications to be licensed:

In connection with the renaming on LLP "Higher College" Meіr-Beys "received a new perpetual license for educational activity 16.07.2019 years № KZ07LAA00016565 and Applications to License on July 12, 2019, specialty:

030 101 3 "Paramedics" 3 030 102 "Obstetrician (ka)";

030 204 3 "Nurse of general practice";

030601 3 "Pharmacy";

010 103 3 "Educator of preschool organizations with knowledge of the English language";

010 508 3 "Teacher of primary education with the knowledge of the English language";

010 509 3 "Teacher of informatics primary education with the knowledge of the English language";

011 102 3 "Teacher of  Russian language and literature";

051 104 3 "Tourisme management";

3 030 402 "Dentiste";

030 701 3 "Dental Technicien";

030205 4 "Applied Bachelor of Nursing" September 6, 2019 received an application for a license to engage in educational activity on training issued by GU "Department of Control of Education Turkestan Committee for Control of Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Ltd. "Higher College" Meіr-Beis "is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decrees and orders of the Government of Kazakhstan, normative legal acts of the Akimat of Turkestan, the orders of the Founders and the Constitution.

The activities of the institution EC "Meiіr-Beys" is regulated by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education, normative documents of the Ministry of  Health of  Kazakhstan, the Charter provides college in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the following main activities: the implementation of the basic educational programs of secondary vocational and technical education, according to state general standard (SES) .If the call reception citizens, him and (or) his parents or other legal representatives, college necessarily introduces the Charter of the license to conduct educational activities and other documents regulating the procedure for admission and the organization of the educational process. Examinations for admission to training in all specialties is conducted in the form of – test. College provides the following types of activities: classes, lectures, seminars, workshops, laboratory work, control work, independent work, consultations, practice, and others. Academic hour is - 50 minutespurpose regulation management efficiency are some tips be created: • Teaching Council; • Methodical Council; • Cycle Methodological Council (SSC); • Student Council; • Professional organizations.

Private College "Meir-Beys" provides training on a paid payment tuition is carried out on a contractual base. Forma training – full time. Teaching conducted in 2 languages ​​Kazakh and Russian.
Upon completion of the state diploma.

College in 2016. According to the rating of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency in the group "Rating of medical colleges of Kazakhstan - 2016" occupied the 10th place in 2017. - 5th place in 2018. 5th place in 2019 8th place among government and private medical colleges of Kazakhstan that confirms the leading position of the College in the educational space of technical and vocational education of the Republic.

Quality Certificate Lenger Medical College "Meіr-Beys"

Lenger Medical College "Meіr-Beys" in 2015 to create a system of quality management made a strategic decision on its own initiative and has applied for the certification. The committee members have been trained and provided information about the activities of the college. It has been passed all the procedures stipulated in the relevant scheme of voluntary certification. ISO 9001: 2008 requirements designed package to the medical college of the quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the requirements developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO - International Organization for Standardization). Since 2015 the college effectively a quality management system for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2009 International Standards (ISO 9001-2008) from 30.07.2015goda.

"Higher College" Meіr-Beys' repeatedly passed certification currently a certified Quality Management System ISO 9001-16 (ISO 9001: 2015) from 15.08.2018g Trained 2 specialists in internal audit RGP "Kazakhstan standardization and certification institute." developed and approved regulations on structural units and job descriptions for teachers and staff at all levels. QMS documents, and internal regulating and methodical documents used in the management of the college educational activity Head Dean, apply to electronic and paper form in the structural units. Structural college divisions enable monitoring of implementation of the strategic plans and current activities of the college. QMS operation stability is confirmed by an external audit (certification in October 2016. Accreditation in 2018), who notes that the achievement of strategic objectives and mission involves all members of the team including college students and social partners. This is a guarantee of stability and reliability of the college.