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Biology is the science of life.
Science that studies living organisms and their relationship with the environment. Biology deals with all aspects of life in living things.
Biological science considers the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of living organisms on Earth. This science classifies organisms and describes them, looks at their functions, describes how species are formed, and studies the relationship between organisms and their natural environment.

The chemistry room is a special study room equipped with educational materials. The chemistry room is intended for conducting chemistry classes, preparing and conducting extracurricular activities on the subject
Chemical laboratory, chemical laboratory is a specially equipped room for conducting chemical experiments and research. Chemical laboratory is divided into training, scientific research, control laboratories depending on the purpose of use. In the study room, our students supplement their theoretical knowledge and learn to work on chemical equipment and installations. In research laboratories, various experiments are conducted in order to solve scientific problems

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   Robotics is a modern requirement
In 2022, he took 2nd place at the World Robot Olympiad held in Germany, and in December 2023, he took 2nd place in the First Lego League competition at the Almaty Techcup.
Alibekov Abzal, the founder of the school, the director of the Meyir-Beys Higher College in Lenger, Zhankal A.M. sent a request. This proposal was gladly accepted, and a task was given to the teachers of the group and young scientists of the college. On January 9, an event called "Robotics - a requirement of the new age" was held. Saydazimov E, IT programmer Aidarali M together with his teacher welcomed young technologists Zakypbek M, Moldabek E, Sultanbek S, young college scientists.
 Manager Nazirkulova Dalila introduced the history of the college to specialized obstetrics, surgery, anatomy, pharmacology, stomatology, biology, chemistry classrooms equipped with a material base. Zhurinbayeva S welcomed the guests who entered the pharmacology auditorium with a drink made from medicinal plants. He realized that Tolebi district is rich in medicinal plants that grow in the mountainous regions. He called to propose the use of natural products instead of using chemical preparations. Baimedetova G. said that they are provided with equipment for medical surgeries and equipment used for laboratory research.
The guests were greatly impressed by the 4th year student, young creative artist Tastemir T., playing the song "Village" in the anatomy auditorium. IT programmer Aidarali Magzhan noted that he came to exchange opinions and strengthen relations with you in order to write the information "The cause of stress in the brain and ways to fight it" in the robot's program. Anatomy teacher Zhankalova R.M. "The structure and function of the brain, ways to fight stress" " skillfully explained. Problematic questions were answered during a discussion between young scientists and young technologists.
 Young technologists explained the operation of the robot, which was specially created for the First Lego League competition, and demonstrated its movement methods.


Students of the 3rd year of practical training in the specialty "Pre-school education and training" of the Humanities Department:
Galina Morozova
Kindergarten "Bumblebee", city of Langer
Yuldashova Belnora
First May village, Bal-ana kindergarten, kojek group
Alikhan Nazerke
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Students of "Humanities" department of "Meyir-Beys" Higher College are spending their practical experience in schools of Lenger city.
Students practicing in the specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education" at school No. 3 named after P. Tazhibaeva, Lenger city, Tolebi district:
Esmira Muradova
Sona Muradova
Aslanova Gulietar
Isaeva Lola
Boyko Natalya
Kudaibergen Asel
Omarbek Gulzat
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