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Issues on which it is possible and necessary to address to the psychologist

Learning difficulties.Some guys do not learn as well as they would like. The reasons for this can be mass. For example, not very good memory or attention problems or a lack of desire, but may be a problem with a teacher and a lack of understanding of why all this is necessary at all. During the consultation, we will try to determine what is the cause and how to fix it, in other words, try to find and how to develop, to learn better.

Relationships in the group.There are people who simply find contact with others, easy to communicate with anyone, even an unfamiliar company. And there are those who find it difficult to learn, difficult to build a good relationship, to find friends and simply to feel at ease in a group or class. With the help of a psychologist, you can find ways and personal resources, to explore methods to build harmonious relations with people in a variety of situations.

Relationships with parents. Sometimes it happens that a common language is lost and warm relations with our closest people - their parents. Conflicts, quarrels, lack of understanding - a situation in the family usually brings pain to both children and parents. Some find ways to solve, while others do it hard enough. The psychologist will tell you how to learn to build a new relationship with their parents and learn to understand them, and how to make sure that parents understand and accept you.

Choice of life. Many people are thinking about their future profession and in general on how they want to live their lives. If you are not sure which way you want to go, there is always the opportunity to go to a psychologist. It will help you realize your dreams, desires and goals, evaluate your resources, aptitudes and abilities and to understand in what area (areas) of life you want to implement.

Self-management and self development. Our life is so interesting and multifaceted that constantly confronts us with a lot of problems. Many of them require remarkable efforts and the development of a wide variety of personal qualities and skills. You can learn to manage their lives, set goals and reach them effectively. Psychologist - a man who owns a technology development of certain qualities, skills and abilities and happy to share this technology with you.

What else you need to know about psychology?

The psychologist does not solve your problems for you, do not, "writes a prescription." He explains the situation and work with you to looking for possible solutions to the problem. Change the situation can only be the child's development, parents, teachers and other adults close to the child! As a rule, what parents initially seems only "College" problem child, in fact, is the result of a family, or migrated from earlier stages of child development. In such cases, the psychologist works not only and not so much by the child as a pair of "parent-child". When working with a psychologist you and your child is not passive "patient" and the position of active, interested partners.

The psychologist respects the privacy, he did not disclose information obtained from you or the baby.

Psychological support

Most people at least once in their lives experienced the heartache, anguish, resentment, hopelessness, when the problem seems insoluble. At such moments, just do not know where to turn to for help. Close people sometimes do not understand, they do not have time to listen, or they are simply far. And not with every problem you will go to my mother or call her friend. It is in such cases can support a college educational psychologist or a specialist uniform social and psychological service "helpline".

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