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The college has dormitory for 100 people and 2-bedroom apartment is designed for a family hostel is fully equipped with all necessary equipment. The hostel pays great attention to educational work. Currently, very high demands of the youth. Work with young people and hard and interesting. It is necessary to carry out continuous educational work and to be in close contact with the students. It is necessary to be able to listen to their opinions, to understand them and subsequently, depending on the situation to make a decision. We constantly assure students that the hostel is the same house, so you need to carefully treat him, to protect property, to observe the function and features of relationships that are available in the hostel and strictly necessary to carry out daily in the hostel.

In general, students get used to the conditions of the hostel. Literally in the first months of the 1st year students begin to develop and already feel more comfortable. They begin to take into account the collective opinion. The administration, for its part pays constant attention to young people, who only learns the basics of study at the Medical College.

The students in the hostel cook themselves a meal. After the lesson, start to cook dinner, starting to get used to independent living. For cooking, there are all conditions: natural gas, gas stoves, water, refrigerator, tables and other kitchen utensils. To prepare for a separate room, it is a great help to the students.

Thus, for the acquisition of knowledge and full study are available in the hostel training room, dining room, sitting room and watch TV, that is, create all possible conditions for learning.