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The purpose of this work:

Formation of the person of the future highly skilled health worker capable of creatively carry out professional activities and adapt to the modern learning for achieve this goal the following tasks were to: • Create the conditions for the adaptation of the students: to the new conditions of life and learning, the development of interest in the chosen profession, the formation of the team of students ; • to form students' proactive stance, including the professional and production activities; • Educate students' legal literacy, teach problem solving legal and civic education, related to the problems of moral self-development and self-improvement • Provide socio - educational assistance to students and their parents, children - orphans and children left without parental care;

1. Individual approach, the full development of the individual student through the organization and involvement of students in various forms of educational, scientific, professional and artistic deyatelnosti.2. The principles of humanity, as a recognition of each individual's right to freedom of vybora.3. The principles of democracy, involving the further development and updating of the various forms of self-government.

CONDITIONS DECISION educational problems
1. The formation of an atmosphere that promotes the individual studenta.2. active participation of the teaching staff in the college social life of the city, kraya.3. improvement of the existing forms of student government at the college and hostel.

Expected results:
• disclosure of the creative, physical and cognitive potential of students, their self-realization and adaptation in society and the professional environment; • the formation of socially mature personality with clear social position and able to effectively apply the skills of conflict-free communication; • awareness of learners and students of professional role, a sense of responsibility before the selected occupation, profession, adaptation to modern conditions; • commitment to a meaningful life and work.

The educational work of the college formed a system of socially - meaningful traditions and identified priority areas for action:
1. Civil - legal and patrioticheskoe2. Sports - recreation 3. Spiritually - moral 4. Artistic - aesthetic 5. Cooperation with parents 6. Communication 7. Work

All educational work based on the principles of:
• Humanism • System • Eligibility • Cooperation • The combination of collective and individual forms of work • Social Partnership

For successful implementation of educational objectives are:

  • Training and Educational Commission (TEC) • advice on prevention • training team leaders advice • psychological and pedagogical service • social care staff, and protection of the rights of students • student government (Student Council and the eldership)

Objectives and main areas of education
• education of civil responsibility, patriotism, active life position, culture, ethnic tolerance communication • formation of professional training orientation (instilling a sense of compassion, empathy, kindness, mutual aid) • promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmental culture in the educational process • creation of optimal conditions for social and professional adaptation of college students • development of creative abilities and the student government

Material and technical base for extracurricular college offers the following facilities and resources:
• conference hall with technical equipment • equipped gym