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The purpose and objectives of physical education:

The goal of physical education is to optimize the physical development, improvement peculiar to each individual physical qualities and related capabilities and raise the spiritual and moral qualities that characterize the socially active person.

Solutions to optimize the physical development of the person:

  • optimal development of physical qualities of man;
  • strengthening and maintaining the health, as well as hardening of the body;
  • improving physique and harmonious development of physiological functions;
  • maintaining a high level of efficiency.

The social educational tasks include:

  • the formation of various vital motor skills;
  • the acquisition of basic knowledge of scientific and practical nature.

To conduct educational and training tasks in physical culture are used sports facilities: gym with equipment, gymnasium, outdoor sports grounds (parks). College students take an active part in various competitions held both in area and in the field, participate and become winners of national and international competitions: athletics, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, mini-football, darts, chess, checkers, togyz-қumalak.


In our college works elective volleyball, basketball, chess, etc.