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The main tasks of study:

  • improving the quality of training in accordance with the SES RK.
  • Optimization study timetable in accordance with regulatory requirements and health-saving technologies.

The implementation of the tasks carried out by means of collective and individual forms of work:

  • discussion of the problems of educational process organization at meetings of the pedagogical, methodological and administrative councils.
  • administrative part - governed personnel in the cyclic, subject teaching Committees, groups of the Council of curators.

College of studies carried out systematic work:

  • developed and approved working curricula for all specialties
  • carried out systematic monitoring of the implementation of a clear schedule of the educational process, the quality of the filling - reporting and training documentation,
  • coordinated work on making and updating calendar - thematic plans in various academic disciplines, examination materials, materials for college control
  • proposals are being made to optimize the organization of educational process and record-keeping,
  • A calendar of training, elective classes, intermediate and final state certification, electives and consultation,
  • organized by the timely replacement, being the hedge replacements
  • analyzes the quality of teaching, monitor the quality of students' knowledge and skills,
  • controlled timely liquidation of academic debts students
  • monitors the implementation of teaching load of teachers.

Availability of working curriculum of the educational process of graphs and their compliance with regulations.

On the basis of the working curriculum and schedule of the educational process developed by the week (by subject) schedules and schedule training sessions. Schedule prepared for a semester and provides an even distribution of student workload and teaching load of teachers. To perform the training of the working plan and schedule the learning process by staff instructors and teacher’s pluralists determined annual teaching load.

Load teachers previously viewed Komi’s call charge in June, adjusted and finally approved in August at a meeting of the rating committee, on the basis of which the Director of the College shall issue an order on pedagogical load of teachers for the school year. Teaching load of the teacher for the academic year does not exceed 1,080 hours.

The availability of work disciplines and their quality programs.

Teachers college developed work programs of all training and elective courses independently on the basis of standard training modules. Work programs drawn up and decorated in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK.

The main purpose of the organization of study at the Higher College "Meіr-Beys" is to meet the needs of students in obtaining quality medical education in accordance with the selected direction of training, ensuring the full of their development: professional and personal, to meet the Republic of Kazakhstan health needs in qualified personnel of paramedical level meeting modern requirements state.

The educational process in college was carried out on the basis of the State educational standard of the TVE.

The main types of control in the college are:

  • exam separate discipline according to the curriculum;
  • qualifying examination for professional module;
  • Ladder differentiated by a single discipline;
  • Ladder according to differentiated production practices;
  • offset on a single discipline;