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How to help your children  to choose a profession


Choice of occupation - an important and serious matter! This is a difficult task even for adults who have a certain personal maturity. Even more it is difficult for young people with disabilities. Therefore, the parents' help in solving eѐ important and necessary. After all, parents are better feel and know your child watch his character, habits and interests for years and always have to be ready to help first. When choosing a profession, you need to consider first and foremost the interests of the child, his inclinations, abilities, desires, health status, and only then the family traditions and interests

Give your child the right to choose their future profession:
• discuss with him the possible "for" and "against" the chosen profession;
• consider the choice of future profession, not only from the standpoint of material gain, but also from the standpoint of moral satisfaction;
• consider in choosing a future profession personal qualities of their child, which he needed in the profession;
• If there are differences in the choice of profession, use the opportunity to consult with experts - consultants;
• "No push" for a child to choose a profession, otherwise it may result in persistent conflict;
• Keep the child if he has the opportunity, patience and the desire to make his dream come true;
• if your child has made a mistake in the choice, do not reproach him for it.

An error can be corrected; Typical mistakes parents who do high school graduates career choices:
• child desire to realize their unfulfilled dreams obsessively carry on his child;
• parents want child poshѐl in their footsteps;
• Parents believe that child underestimates or overestimates its capabilities;
• parents are convinced that child should have higher education;
• Parents strongly recommend to pay attention to the "money" profession.

And if, on reflection, you have come to the conclusion that you will act in

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