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The mission of LLP "Higher College "Meir-Beys":

Training of highly specialized nurses for the health system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Turkestan region, through the development of high-quality continuing professional education, providing each student the opportunity to increase the level of competences and qualifications, development of information and communication technologies for further professional, career and personal growth.

The purpose of the college:

Creating an effective model of competitive innovative medical college in accordance with the growing needs of society and the medical services market formation, development and professional formation of the person on the basis of national and universal values, the achievements of science and practice, the conditions of health care reform in Kazakhstan and the requirements of the Bologna process.


Meet the needs of health care organizations in Lenger city, Tolebi, areas of Turkestan and Kazakhstan in highly qualified medical personnel, with competence, meeting international requirements.

Strategic objectives and direction of the college management:

  1. Improving college forms of governance;
  2. Establishing an effective system of continuous improvement and professional education;
  3. Improvement of the dual system of education;
  4. The expansion of the social partnership system;
  5. Creation of an effective system to promote the employability of graduates;
  6. Improvement of social and educational work, the system self-management in college.

Completion of the construction, equipping a modern material and technical base of the third academic building.