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State Certification LLP "Lenger Medical College" Meіr-Beys".

State certification of college was carried out of the state certification Commission in October 2016 in accordance with the order of the Chairman of the Committee monitoring the medical and pharmaceutical activity of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 14, 2016 № 317 "About carrying out state certification of a limited liability partnership" Lenger Medical College "Meіr-Beys".

According to the order № 328 of October 28, 2016 "On the results of the state certification of the limited liabilities" Lenger Medical College "Meіr-Beys" has successfully passed the first state certification. It is approved for 5 years in the field:

0301000 "Medicine" with expertise 0301013 "medical assistant";

0301000 "Medicine" with expertise 0301023 "Obstetrician (ka)";

0302000 "Nursing" with qualification 0302033 "nurse of general practice";

0306000 "Pharmacy" with the qualification 0306013 "pharmacist";

In 2018, the college "Meіr-Beys" has successfully passed the accreditation for the next 5 years and specialized in the 3 years